Georgetown City Council Agenda
City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Agenda
March 26, 2013

Discussion and possible direction to staff regarding future operations of the Tower at the Georgetown Municipal Airport -- Sarah Hinton, Airport Manager and Edward G. Polasek, AICP, Transportation Services Director

The City of Georgetown has been notified by the FAA that the Tower at the Georgetown Airport is on the closure list related to the Federal budget cuts due to sequestration.  While the FAA  budget is actually increasing in the sequestration budget, funding for contracted towers is being reduced.  The tower will cease operations on or after April 7, 2013.
Closure of the Tower is considered a safety issue for the pilots and tenants at the Georgetown Airport, and finding a permanent solution is not an option prior to April 7, 2013.  Staff will discuss with City Council possible short term and long term options for operations at the Airport, related to the Tower and ongoing business plan analysis for the Airport.

The current Tower operations are funded by the FAA to a private firm.  The actual cost of this contact is believed to exceed $400,000 per year to keep the tower open 14 hours a day/7 days per weak.  The Georgetown Airport is a operated as a Revenue Fund, funded by the users of the facility not the General Fund of the budget.  That level of funding would exceed the current revenue forcast generated by the Airport, while maintaining the current minimal level of service provided by Airport Staff.

Edward G. Polasek, AICP, Transporation Services Director